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10 functional essential oil diffuser blends for health

what you inhale affects your health—so why not breathe in all-natural, non-toxic aromas that have the potential to calm the para-sympathetic nervous system, uplift your mood when you’re feeling low or support your body’s natural defences in the midst of cold + flu season? using 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils is my favourite way to fragrance my […]

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10 ways to enjoy essential oils with tea

one of my favourite ways to start and end the day is with a good cup of tea. (in fact, as i type, i am sipping on a herbal tea blend that contains lemongrass, hibiscus and rosehips, yum!) beyond being soothing, tea is hydrating and packed with benefits, including that […]

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3 aromatic self-massage blends to make with essential oils

these essential oil massage blends have the potential to transform an at-home massage from a once-in-a-while-treat into a beautiful daily ritual that will leave you smelling divine. rubbing nourishing, fragrant oils into your skin is a really rejuvenating way to start or end the day. in the ancient indian tradition […]

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DIY whipped wild orange body butter

i don’t know about you, but i’m picky when it comes to body butter and hand lotion. my dream formula is fragrant, non-greasy, quick absorbing, ultra-moisturizing, all-natural and something i can make myself. this DIY checks everything on my list. this recipe calls for just five simple ingredients that come […]