what is an essential oil?

sometimes i find myself absolutely arrested by the awe-inspiring and humbling power of mother earth and her ability to nurture. do you feel this too? my love of nature goes hand-in-hand with essential oils, as they offer some incredible ways to tap into the power of plants.

if you’ve ever walked through a field of lavender or a rose garden, or smelled the fresh, bright aroma that bursts from the rind of an orange, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.

essential oils are pure extracts from plants that are created from natural sources like bark, leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers and contain volatile aromatic compounds. in the life of a plant, these compounds are vital to its protective, regenerative and reproductive systems.

therapeutic-grade essential oils are potent and powerfully concentrated:
essential oils are 50 – 70 times more potent than dried herbs
1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea

people have been using these powerful plant essences for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits for centuries.


essential oils let us use the natural immune system of plants on ourselves. the purest oils, which are free from synthetic agents and additives, retain the same revitalizing, oxygenating and immune-strengthening properties that they offer to plants.

lemon helps to detoxify my body + home, uplifts my mood
peppermint eases headaches, clears airways + supports digestive health
lavender promotes calm + relaxation, beautifies my skin
frankincense boosts my immune system, fights signs of aging + encourages relaxation
oregano calms the nervous system + promotes a healthy immune system
tea tree fights blemishes + inflammation, clarifies my skin


there are three ways to use pure therapeutic-grade essential oils:

– aromatically: inhaling or diffusing essential oils clear the airways, kills airborne germs and offers one of the quickest ways to affect your mood

– topically: essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and many can be applied with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, to minimize sensitivity

– internally: certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions

whether i’m applying them to my skin first thing in the morning, sipping them in water (this can only be done with pure therapeutic grade oils) or diffusing them to help me relax before sleep, i take comfort in knowing there are natural solutions that can replace toxic household and personal care products.


there are three key factors to focus on when selecting essential oils:

– purity: when your purchase an essential oil bottle, it should be filled with 100% pure extracts from plants and nothing else—no toxins, fillers, herbicides or pesticides. as well as the absence of these contaminants, most of all, you want to make sure that third-party testing guarantees the desired therapeutic qualities

– potency: for an essential oil to be as powerful and effective as possible, plants have to be grown in their indigenous habitats, in an optimal climate and harvested at its peak potency. You also want to ensure that your oils are grown sustainably to ensure there’s no unnecessary harm being done to the environment.

– sourcing: this is a big one. this point considers the welfare of the people—the farmers, artisans, harvesters and distillers—who provide the raw materials for essential oil production. it is beyond important that those in developing countries are compensated with fair wages and the infrastructure to support their community.

as a conscious consumer, i only want to invite products into my life that make me feel good. for me, this means products that are simple, safe, effective and mindfully produced. i want to know that what i’m eating, breathing and slathering onto my skin is quality and it’s not going to make me feel sick or have a negative impact on people and the planet. i love that i’m just one in a community of many who share the same values.

these are the main reasons why i’ve chosen to align myself with one essential oils company, professionally and as a passionate consumer.

there’s so much more i’d love to share with you. if you are ready to start your essential oil lifestyle or business, email me requesting more information, or schedule a call with me here.