about me

hey there! i’m laura, a twenty-something who currently resides in beautiful british columbia. i enjoy yoga, hiking, reading and sharing how to lead a life that’s filled with vibrant health and abundance through essential oils.

this blog is a passion project and a culmination of all my loves: health, vegetarian/vegan cooking and DIY-ing everything and anything i possibly can.


for me, it all began with peppermint. a friend applied a roll-on oil blend to my neck and shoulders to ease tension, noting i’d feel a “lifting” sensation in a few moments. as well as being enveloped by a sharp, yet soothing minty aroma, i quickly began to feel the stimulating qualities of the uplifting oil. as my friend explained, the “tingling” sensation was the oil enhancing circulation and blood flow, which is vital to oxygenating  the organs, brain and boosting the metabolism.

i floated away in a cloud of peppermint and since then, i’ve been hooked on discovering what other oils have to offer.


i was walking in the forest with my pup when i was hit with the inspiration to create this blog. melissa douglas jasmine came to me as both names of people and essential oils, which i connect through an empowered community.

i hope you enjoy! if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email!