10 functional essential oil diffuser blends for health

what you inhale affects your health—so why not breathe in all-natural, non-toxic aromas that have the potential to calm the para-sympathetic nervous system, uplift your mood when you’re feeling low or support your body’s natural defences in the midst of cold + flu season? using 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils is my favourite way to fragrance my home naturally, and at the same time, lend support to the many systems of my body.

there are three main reasons to use essential oils aromatically:
– they open the airways and encourage clear breathing
– they purify the air and kill airborne germs
– they offer one of the quickest ways to affect your mood. this is because our sense of smell is linked to the primal limbic system in the brain, which processes memory and emotions


1. breathe easy – respiratory support 

congested? stuffy nose? cardamom, lime, tea tree, peppermint are often used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and coughs. cardamom is a decongestant and eucalyptus is an expectorant that both lend their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help you breathe easier

– 1 drop cardamom
– 1 drop eucalyptus
– 1 drop peppermint
– 1 drop lime
– 1 drop tea tree

2. well-rested – sleep support 

can’t stop tossing and turning? lavender is probably one of the most well-known essential oils for its ability to impart calming and relaxing feelings. like lavender, vetiver and cedarwood also have sedative properties that make them a powerful trio to diffuse for a good night’s sleep

– 2 drops lavender
– 2 drops vetiver
– 1 drop cedarwood

3. settled stomach- digestive support

troubled by an upset tummy? fennel and ginger are great for soothing the stomach and supporting the entire digestive system, especially after a heavy meal. lemon is a powerful cleanser and detoxifier that has been used to fight food poisoning throughout history

– 1 drop fennel
– 1 drop ginger
– 1 drop lemon

4. radiant vitality – immune support

as well as providing an aroma that’s warming and comforting, these antioxidant-rich oils are known for their ability to support healthy immune functions and boost circulation, which is especially important when environmental and seasonal threats are high

– 1 drop clove
– 1 drop cinnamon bark
– 1 drop rosemary
– 1 drop eucalyptus
– 1 drop wild orange

5. calm + collected – stress relief

frankincense is revered for bringing calm, soothing and relaxation to the nervous system, while also supporting healthy nervous system functions. coupled with a refreshing blend of leaf and plant oils, this blend is a perfect one to help you begin to unwind

– 2 drops frankincense
– 1 drop lavender
– 1 drop eucalyptus
– 1 drop spearmint

what you inhale affects your health—so why not breathe in all-natural, non-toxic aromas that have the potential to calm the para-sympathetic nervous system, uplift your mood when you're feeling low or support your body's natural defences in the midst of cold + flu season?
images via kaboompics // karolina on pexels

6. a bright moment – mood management

bergamot and citrus oils boast bright, uplifting and energizing notes that are especially good for awakening the senses and encouraging a positive mood

– 2 drops bergamot
– 1 drop grapefruit
– 1 drop lemon
– 1 drop wild orange

7. fresh air – allergy support

for added protection against seasonal irritants, cleanse and clear your household with this blend. peppermint, lavender and lemon work together to promote open airways, healthy respiratory function, clear breathing and air purification

– 2 drops peppermint
– 2 drops lavender
– 2 drops lemon

8. invigorating pick-me-up – energy support

on its own, peppermint is a great non-stimulant for fighting fatigue and feelings of low energy. combined with the fresh, stimulating scent of lime, this pair makes an ultra-refreshing duo

– 3 drops peppermint
– 2 drops lime

9. laser focus – study aid

promote a sense of focus with rosemary and peppermint, plus melissa for added memory support. this blend is particularly beneficial for homework time and other tasks that require mental clarity. as well as using these essential oils aromatically for studying, they can also be applied to the wrists while testing on those subjects later

– 3 drops rosemary
– 1 drop melissa
– 1 drop peppermint

10. refreshing revival – travel aid

increase alertness gently with this comforting blend of scents that is simultaneously refreshing and soothing. this one is particularly great for returning home after a trip!

– 1 drop lavender
– 1 drop eucalyptus
– 1 drop lemon

i hope these scents help you to feel better + fragrance your home in an easy way!



disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. please note that essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease