DIY sweet + salty lemon scrub

i love the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin. 💁✨

what i love even more is making a clean and simple homemade scrub with common ingredients from my own kitchen. when i want to keep things extremely easy, i generally whip up a two-ingredient scrub with just olive oil and salt. but this sweet + salty lemon scrub has quickly become a favorite that i use for my face and body. it would also be great on the hands for tackling hard-to-remove grease or dirt!

i’ve often made scrubs using only sugar or salt, but this time, i decided to try mixing it up by adding both. the salt that i had on hand was a bit more coarse and the sugar a bit more fine, which made for a nicely textured scrub.

when it comes to choosing an oil for this scrub, there are a few great face oils you can choose from. here are a few of my favorites:
for dry skin: avocado, rosehip, olive oil, sweet almond
for combination skin: apricot kernel, grapeseed, tamanu
for oily skin: argan, coconut, jojoba, sunflower

the best part about this scrub is its fresh, zesty scent. it’s good enough to eat—and you can give it a little taste. unlike a lot of store-bought personal care products, this one does not have any unwanted ingredients to preserve its shelf life or create a synthetic aroma. just nature’s goodness here. the lemon oil in this recipe boasts some incredible cleansing and purifying properties, as well as a scent that’s energizing and uplifting. such a treat and so great for gifting!

this sweet + salty lemon scrub blends salt, sugar, sweet almond oil and lemon essential oil for a cleansing facial treatment


what you’ll need
– ¼ cup of rock salt
– ¼ cup of white sugar
– ¼ cup of carrier oil of choice (i like sweet almond)
– 5 drops of lemon essential oil [get wholesale essential oils here]

here’s what to do
combine all ingredients in a small container and mix until uniform
2. store scrub in a sealed container at room temperature 
3. to use, lightly wet skin and apply a small amount of scrub to gently exfoliate. rinse and pat face dry

get glowy!